IC Simplicity Services

Our IC Simplicity services are designed to help you save time, money and help the environment. They allow you to print on demand, in short runs. This means no stock-piling or upfront ordering of thousands of cards – simply order as and when you need them.

IC Simplicity Retail

IC Simplicity Retail is an online portal for retailers to order hassle free from over 100 publishers and have eco-friendly greeting cards delivered direct to their shop door.

Retailers can browse and shop here or click below for more details.

IC Simplicity Centre

For new artists and publishers who are starting out, our IC Simplicity Centre offers an online portal with step by step guides to uploading your own designs for print. This is ideal for those wanting to try our on-demand
printing service. Browse and create here!

IC Simplicity Publisher

Print on demand and deliver straight to your retailer. A service designed especially for professional illustrators and publishers, who send orders to retailers.
Your IC Simplicity portal contains free proofs and a tiered reward scheme with discounts.