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Publishing is changing – don’t be left behind.

Printing on demand means no more stockpiling, and no need for warehouse space! As well as being more economical, it is also very environmentally friendly as there is far less waste. From greeting cards, to art prints and gift wrap – all totally on demand.

Deliver to the retailer

We offer a whole range of packing solutions, from creasing and adding eco stickers, to banding in 6’s. We can send direct to your retailer, meaning less Co2 footprint, and less of your time!


Log in to your IC Simplicity account, to place orders from anywhere at any time! Free up your time to focus on your passion – designing new and exciting artwork for your next greeting card collection.

IC Simplicity records every order you make, meaning you can have access to data showing your

Our package prices start from as little as Ā£79.99 per annum.

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