Printing Prices

Whether you’re a Greeting Card Publisher with many designs sending your cards to retailers across the World, or just want to produce a card for fun, we have the product and the price to bring your creation to life. Here for you from thought to finish.

IC Simplicity:

IC Simplicity is our unique ordering portal, allowing greeting card publishers to upload and order their own designs completely on demand for a small monthly fee.
Leave the rest, we will print, finish, pack and deliver your cards direct to store giving you back the time to design. 

This unique portal also has a unique pricing structure. As an on-demand product, each unit will cost the same whether you are ordering 6 cards or 60,000. However, the more cards you order over the year, the more discount we offer on that unit price across all of your orders. This means that publishers no longer need to order in bulk to bring the price down, reducing risk and waste.

To get a detailed quote based on your requirements please contact one of our specialist team here, or for more information read about our IC Simplicity Publisher service here.

IC Simplicity Centre:

IC Simplicity Centre is our print on demand tool. Whether you are dipping your toe into greeting cards, making cards for family and friends or just creating for fun, you can now create, build and order your cards from a specialist greeting card supplier. 

Whether you want 1 card or 1000, selling to retailers or sending direct to the recipient, you can use The IC Simplicity Centre. 

We don’t just do cards either! Through IC Simplicity Centre you can create, build and order a host of other stationary products including; Postcards, Calendars, Notebooks, Art prints, Business Cards and many more, all completely on demand.

Prices are per product, and the more you order, the lower the price. 

To try it out yourself, why not visit The IC Simplicity Centre here.

*All prices exclude delivery and VAT.