Environmental Statement

All of our company cars are electric

Proud to be FSC® (C001869) Certified

 Our warehouse is
solar powered

 We deliver direct to
the retailer

Our boards are recycled - one is made from recycled coffee cups! Image of coffee cup to be recycled

We use recycled board (even made from coffee cups)

The presses we use are all carbon neutral - image of our HP press

All of our presses are
carbon neutral

photo of pen beside ink

All consumable press elements
are recycled

We supply
compostable cellos

We recycle all of our offcuts - recycle logo

Our offcuts are all

Reducing use of bubblewrap and will eliminate in 2021

we offer eco clasp stickers as an alternative to plastic packaging

We offer Eco label

 Our cards are paper banded – not bagged in plastic

Plastic bottles are banned from our HQwe provide metal reusable flasks

Image of reusable facemask - we encourage no single use items

Reusable face masks provided to all of our staff

We use UK suppliers for our boards and paper

As Managing Director of The Imaging Centre, I am proud to be striving to ensure that we are the most environmentally friendly printing company that we can be. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we have high quality print-compatible boards which are all FSC® (C001869) certified and/or recycled, and we are only offering envelopes made from recycled materials. I believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the environment is secure for future generations.

Adam Short, Managing director of the imaging centre